TV Club: Catastrophe: Episode 6

“I don’t want to be the right thing. I want to be a choice.”

Sharon delivered this devastating blow while she and Rob, newly-married, are supposed to be in post-wedding bliss. Instead, they use every piece of ammo they have amassed over the last nine months of being together. He makes her feel terrible, she’s consistently pessimistic.

She’s the right thing. She’s not a choice.

Other things happened in this episode — the bachelor/bachelorette party disasters, a wedding ceremony — but they did not matter, because it was that epic meltdown of a fight that mattered. The stag parties were fine diversions to what was clearly supposed to be the episode’s climax. Sharon is abandoned (“Say goodnight to the vapist”). Rob is alone by choice because everyone else his bachelor party is so horrific, save Mark Bonnar’s Chris, a character I initially found off-putting (which …

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