TV Club: Catastrophe: Episode 4

When I first started watching Catastrophe, I didn’t think it would make me cry. But here we are at the beginning of the denouement of the series and Sharon Horgan’s pained face is making me well up. (To put this into context, I’m not pop culture-based crier, unless we’re talking Springsteen concerts where I’ve been known to ball for three straight hours.) Horgan’s performance throughout this episode was so deeply and incredibly felt that it’s near impossible to watch and not feel something. All at once in that final scene, she’s able to convey terror, uncertainty, and regret. It’s a wholly lovely performance in a gut-punch of an episode.

Catastrophe has not shied away from dealing with the more difficult sides of pregnancy. Sharon’s “pre-cancer” is not one of those things about being with child that was discussed in say …

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