TV Club: Catastrophe: Episode 3

Catastrophe falls into a nice rhythm in its third episode, focusing more Sharon and Rob apart than together. While “Episode 2” established the couple without each other, “Episode 3” makes it a point to send both Rob and Sharon on their own separate journeys, although they are both essentially doing the same thing: cheating. It’s not adultery, but they are certainly stepping out on each other, keeping the other one in the dark about each other’s activities.

Sharon already has a life in London. She has family, friends, and co-workers. Rob is consistently the outsider with no home base. By default, Sharon gets to be the more fully-formed character because we get to see more of her and who she is, including her classroom and her students. She, especially in “Episode 3,” gets to have a history has well. But Rob doesn’t have that, although the show …

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