TV Club: By peddling a contrived romance, The Strain stumbles towards its season finale

If you were hoping that The Strain would use the penultimate episode of its second season to ratchet up the tension and hurtle towards something meaningful and compelling…then you probably haven’t been watching this season very closely. This has been a season of fits and starts, the narrative a mess of dangling plotlines and filler. There’s been no momentum to the season, no overarching story to latch on to and care about. While the show has done well to bolster its horror elements, smartly indulging in and amplifying Gothic tropes, it’s also continued to peddle half-baked character dramas. Unfortunately, it’s those character dramas that make up the majority of “Fallen Light.”

Obviously every show needs some sort of character development and arc, and The Strain specifically needs it to ground its more ludicrous and campy elements. The problem is that the show consistently fails to …

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