TV Club: By muddying the waters, Monday Night Raw sets the stage for Fastlane

It’s kind of remarkable what WWE is doing with the Fastlane main event right now. For all intents and purposes, WWE has been stuck in a creative rut ever since a few of its big stars went down with injury. Ever since Seth Rollins had to vacate the title, and ever since John Cena busted up his shoulder, the company has been scrambling to find a way to replace that talent, to secure the main event scene and tell a compelling story. Bits and pieces of the long-term story has worked, from Roman Reigns going postal on Triple H to Triple H then getting his revenge at the Royal Rumble. More often than not though there’s been an inconsistency within the main event scene, and Raw has suffered because of it.

For the past few weeks though, Raw has managed to turn things around. While it’s still …

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