TV Club: By focusing on the villains, Gotham finds new life in its season two premiere

The biggest problem with the first season of Gotham was that it lacked any sort of identity or direction. It was a season that coasted on the built-in leeway provided by the brand that is Batman and the current propensity for every network to churn out a superhero TV show. Fox’s thinking seemed to have stopped there, settling on the hook of exploring the city that created Batman rather than the caped crusader himself, hoping that everything else would just fall into place after that. Unlike Arrow, Marvel’s Daredevil or The Flash, Gotham failed to establish a consistent tone and aesthetic, and that left the first season, even in its better moments, feeling like nothing more than a timely capitalization on the popularity of superhero fiction.

The season two premiere, “Damned If You Do…,” by contrast, is more promising than anything in the first 22 episodes. What’s …

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