TV Club: By focusing on moral contemplation, Snowfall reveals its flaws

For anyone who’s stuck with Snowfall through its first three episodes, the show’s flaws are readily apparent. What those first three episodes did well though was mask, or at least significantly distract from, the failings. By chiefly focusing on Franklin’s story, and delivering quite a bit of consequential action, where we could witness the consequences of Franklins’ decisions, Snowfall was able to deliver three straight episodes that, while not exactly bold or unique, were certainly compelling. The problem with masking flaws though is that, as the season rolls on, the issues become more apparent. You can only rely on shock and action for so long; eventually, you have to offer up something more meditative in order to deepen the psychology of the characters and move the plot in new directions. “Trauma” is that meditative episode, but rather than adding layers to the story, it exposes the persistent …

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