TV Club: Bullet dodging and puppy rescues keep everyone busy on Dirk Gently

Are unseen forces at work to force Dirk Gently to solve cases? That’s the suggestion as we move further into the central mystery at play here. He dials down the manic energy for just long enough to suggest to Todd that whether he wants to or not, he’s responsible for resolving all the assignments he receives, with almost but not quite enough sincerity to suggest pathos.

For a show about him, Dirk rarely seems like a real person. He does ridiculous things to inspire Todd to follow him, then immediately expresses regret. He pokes every bear it’s possible to poke. It’s a lot less holistic detecting, and a lot more crashing chaotically into whatever comes up. He also withholds information from Todd at random, and it’s unclear if there’s a reason why.

But at least this episode suggested more of a sense of purpose …

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