TV Club: Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s return is the promise of a new day

Now three seasons in, Brooklyn Nine-Nine has made it clear that it’s very eager to embrace change. Stagnation can kill a series’ quality, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine apparently sees that and has decided to make sure that no one can ever say that stagnation was ever one of the series’ problems. Despite being a relatively young sitcom (and television series, in general), Brooklyn Nine-Nine isn’t (or doesn’t appear to be) very complacent. Even with a stacked cast and fantastic creative team—as well as an established and effective groove—Brooklyn Nine-Nine isn’t afraid to step outside its comfort zone and grasp for more.

(But even though Brooklyn Nine-Nine is consciously changing as the seasons change and the characters grow, the series is still very much a sitcom with its own set of rules. The day Brooklyn Nine-Nine introduces Jake’s new-found love of ventriloquism with a murderous …

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