TV Club: Brooklyn Nine-Nine: “The Defense Rests”

“Jake is stupid, but he’s smart.”

There it is. There is the perfect description of Jake Peralta. It’s far more eloquent than “Human Puppy Dog-Super Cop Hybrid,” at least. He’s a crack detective, but he doesn’t understand basic hygiene (or health or sex). He’s a great friend, but he also owes all of his friends so much money. He is both stupid and smart, and as soon as you accept that, it’s a lot easier to accept him as person and as a character. Clearly, Jake’s best friend, Terry Jeffords that is, accepts this and is right to spell it out for Jake’s frustrated girlfriend. (If there’s one thing this season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine will be remembered for, may it be the fact that it created a strong competition for the title of Jake Peralta’s best bro with Boyle versus …

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