TV Club: Brooklyn Nine-Nine: “The Chopper”

One of the biggest problems Brooklyn Nine-Nine has had in its second season is a sense of stagnation, even with the brief moments of change where characters momentarily grow or create new character dynamics. Part of that is the wear and tear of the 23-episode season, which has made a lot of the episodes feel like stalling tactics, especially past the Giggle Pig arc. It doesn’t help that these last few episodes of the season are clearly the ones that “really” matter, as bleak as that sounds.

As the penultimate episode of season two, “The Chopper” clearly ends up mostly being the set up for the finale, but it’s still a very solid episode with a good A-plot. In fact, you could even call the A-plot “epic,” just like the case Jake brings to the precinct’s attention. After the death of Carl Mather, one-fourth of the Fulton …

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