TV Club: Brooklyn Nine-Nine: “Sabotage”

It would have been hard to beat—or even match—last week’s stellar episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, which was a perfect balance of funny and emotional and worked toward the season’s long-term mission of developing Jake Peralta into so much more than a charming idiot. “Sabotage” doesn’t necessarily work against or pedal backwards from any of that, but it certainly doesn’t continue the careful character work that Brooklyn Nine-Nine has accomplished lately.

The A plot begins with Jake suggesting someone is sabotaging him after a week of bad luck ends with him failing his drug test. Holt temporarily suspends Jake and assigns Amy and Rosa to investigate. The saboteur turns out to be Geoffrey Hoytsman (Chris Parnell), Sophia’s coked-out boss who blames Jake for ruining his life. Parnell is great as the world’s most ineffective abductor, but having Hoytsman drive all of the episode …

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