TV Club: Brooklyn Nine-Nine puts Scully & Hitchcock on the case—what’s the worst that could happen?

On the surface, “House Mouses” is Brooklyn Nine-Nine‘s version of Buffy The Vampire Slayer‘s “The Zeppo,” giving Scully and Hitchcock (the titular “house mouses” of the Nine-Nine) the spotlight to prove their worth as a team and as cops outside of the world of paperwork. But as far as changing characters’ or the audience’s perception of Scully and Hitchcock goes, this episode doesn’t exactly do that. While Terry addresses in this episode that the two of them are actually good at what they do, they’re not even surprisingly good at field work. Even a slightly, almost competent Scully and Hitchcock are still the forever befuddled Scully and Hitchcock. Unlike Xander’s role in “The Zeppo,” there is no moment in this episode where things click for Scully and Hitchcock and they get their moment to show that they’re not incompetent. Instead, at their most …

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