TV Club: Brooklyn Nine-Nine: “Johnny And Dora”

So ends Brooklyn Nine-Nine‘s season two. Wuntch wins, Jake and Amy do it (“it” being kiss), and Boyle quite possibly proves himself to be the one for Rosa. It reads like Opposite Day when laid out all like that, but it’s not. In fact, “Johnny And Dora” is one of the more in-tone, self-assured episodes of season two. It’s the right note to leave the show on, especially with this season’s up and downs. There have been some arguments that season two of Brooklyn Nine-Nine hasn’t quite lived up to the expectations and heights of season one, but I would argue that this season simply had loftier goals than the first; and while it managed to reach them for the most part, the misses in the season were the result of far bigger swings.

The differences in the seasons also partially stem for the undercurrent …

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