TV Club: Brooklyn Nine-Nine finally names “The Ultimate Detective/Genius”

The fourth season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine has been very top-heavy so far, with little room to breathe: a trilogy, a crossover “event,” and now the fourth installment of the “Halloween” series. While it may be too soon to tell if Brooklyn Nine-Nine can keep up this pace or even transition out of it comfortably, this refusal to slow down is mostly working for the show right now. And in the case of “Halloween IV,” this refusal to slow down works tremendously in the show’s favor. The cold open’s competing Halloween Heist announcements and Hitchcock’s very dark contribution to the scene start the episode off on an extremely high note, but instead of simply going back to a base level in the rest of the episode, the level of insanity “Halloween IV” begins with is the level it stays at. And it’s wonderful.

While the first three …

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