TV Club: Brooklyn Nine-Nine: “Det. Dave Majors”

When Brooklyn Nine-Nine first started, it had a recurring bit about Jake and Amy’s competition to close the most cases. It wasn’t the most sophisticated storyline or even the most mature way for these two ace detectives to behave, but it was something to latch on to in the show’s infancy. While Jake and Amy are extremely close, one of the best aspects of their relationship is their sense of competition and friendly rivalry when it comes to being the better detective. It’s something that strangely gets lost in the shuffle often on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, despite the fact that both are constantly vying to be the best in the 9-9.

“Det. Dave Majors” brings back that competitive nature, if only for part of an episode, with Jake and Amy competing to get on Detective Dave Majors (the fantastic Garret Dillahunt) of the 9-3’s good side …

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