TV Club: Brooklyn Nine-Nine: “AC/DC”

The return of Brooklyn Nine-Nine with immediately brings the audience back to the world it has grown accustomed to: a world where Jake can’t stop being the real life version of the super cops he saw in the movies, Boyle and Terry can’t help but worry about that fact, Gina and Amy’s relationship turns more and more into a sibling rivalry as the days go by, and Holt and Rosa find themselves being different sides of the same coin. These are all major parts of season two, and while “AC/DC” isn’t the best of said season, it’s still a very useful episode to re-enter the world after a month and a half-long absence.

“AC/DC” begins right in the thick of things, with Boyle and Jake tailing Tom Olson, a burglary perp who’s been committing crimes up and down the coast. While that …

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