TV Club: Broadchurch: “Season Two, Episode Seven”

Broadchurch’s last episode seven was a steamroller of revelations that catapulted us straight into the finale. In this one, we’re all just treading water on that beautiful Broadchurch beach as we wait in anguish for next episode’s reveal.

Unless we go swimming with Claire and Lee. The couple, who make Sid and Nancy look like a portrait of domestic bliss, finally appear to cross the line into being over. Only they could segue from kissing on the beach to getting dragged into the water, taking turns beating on each other. Claire now lives in a beachhouse, and is so down on her luck she takes sanctuary in Paul The Priests’s church, surely the last refuge for us all. With no other options, she takes that godforsaken pendant in to Hardy by the end of the episode.

Hardy rages, “You had it along!” But let’s not …

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