TV Club: Broadchurch: “Season Two, Episode One”

Yay, Broadchurch is back! It’s so great and compelling and oh God, that’s right, kind of bleak and depressing, and, um, where’s the wine?

As glad as we are to have Broadchurch return (especially after the horrific Gracepoint: let us never speak of the now-cancelled Gracepoint again), it’s clear from this first episode that we are in for a rough ride in season two. As much as we, and the people of Broadchurch, would like to put Danny Latimer’s death behind us, that dream gets squashed as soon as the monstrous Joe Miller says two words: “Not guilty.” Which will lead us to a trial, which will dredge up this entire horrific case again. The unearthing of Danny’s body at the end of episode was symbolic of the Broadchurch residents having to start all over again after the horror of Danny’s murder, as …

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