TV Club: Broadchurch: “Season Two, Episode Five”

You can hate Joe Miller’s trial or be intrigued by it. You can think the Sandbrook case is a trail of red herrings or you can be anxious to find the killer. But you can not deny that this is one of the most beautiful episodes of television you’re going to see all year. Even if all the lines were all delivered in gibberish (from Giberia), this episode is a visual knockout. Not that Broadchurch isn’t always well-done, but this week it’s absolutely stunning.

We have first-time Broadchurch director, Jonathan Teplitzky, Australian director behind such films I haven’t seen as The Railway Man, to thank. And thank him I do. Because it’s been a while since I’ve judged a TV episode merely as a thing of beauty.

But what makes this episode so astonishing is that all players rise up to meet these …

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