TV Club: Broad City returns, as surreal and so real as ever

Broad City opens its third season with the best sequence the show has tackled to date. A split-screen montage takes us through several months of their lives, chronicling all the gross and beautiful things that go down in Abbi and Ilana’s respective bathrooms. It serves as an excellent, simple reminder of who each of these characters are as well as the things they have in common. On their toilets, they take turns reading Hillary Clinton’s autobiography, eat tacos and pizza, rip bongs, pluck and shave. Post-pride parade (I’m assuming, based on their outfits), Abbi flushes a goldfish down her toilet while Ilana makes out with a girl next to hers. Abbi dumps more fish, successfully fails a pregnancy test, and picks a wedgie. Ilana, unsurprisingly, brings sex into the bathroom, giving and receiving oral sex. There’s smoking, dancing, knitting, cleaning. They occasionally slip into each other …

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