TV Club: BoJack Horseman: “Yesterdayland”

“Of course the first time BoJack falls for a woman his age, she’s actually a stunted twenty year-old.”

After going to some seriously dark places in the season premiere, “Yesterdayland” doesn’t aim quite as high, and so it naturally doesn’t hit quite the same heights. Some of this has to do with the fact that it devotes a lot of energy to a Todd subplot, which is traditionally the series’ weakest point. It’s not anything to do with Aaron Paul’s performance, which hits all the right naïve notes, but rather the fact that Todd really doesn’t have as firm a place on this show as the other regulars. He is, as we see in the string of pointed flashbacks, a very amusing distraction that is nonetheless easily ignored.

The saving graces of Todd’s funhouse mirror version of Disneyland are that a) the show …

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