TV Club: BoJack Horseman: “Let’s Find Out”

Mr. Peanutbutter is an old dog. He said as much a couple episodes ago when he and Diane had their big fight, the one that threatened to break up their marriage for good, but the episodes that followed showed us what he meant. Last season, we didn’t get to know Mr. Peanutbutter much beyond his Dr. Seuss name and overeager love for everyone and everything, but this season has shaded him in to a decidedly more three-dimensional character. Paul F Tompkins is so game for anything you throw his way, so hey, why not some depth?

Through last week’s flashback, we learned that BoJack really was a bigger star than Mr. Peanutbutter, who was well liked, but still starring in a rip off of Bojack’s existing sitcom. We’ve also seen him face up to the reality of his pie in the sky optimism, which could take …

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