TV Club: Bob’s Burgers: “The Runaway Club”

It would be one thing to call tonight’s Bob’s Burgers episode a genre mashup, but a more accurate term might well be something like genre whiplash. As its title, “The Runaway Club,” suggests (albeit with an extra “a” in there, which apparently is the new official title), the episode breaks the show’s standard formula to pursue pastiches of both the ‘80s teen classic The Breakfast Club and the reality television stalwart Project Runway. Remarkably, that still isn’t the full extent of the episode’s genre-based experimentation, as both the flashback to Tina and Tammy’s spat and their subsequent faceoff in the supply closet use ominous music and shadows to build suspense, deviating from the usual presentation of a Bob’s Burgers episode.

In attempting parodies of wildly different pop culture items, “The Runaway Club” has to work for at least four distinct groups: those who …

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