TV Club: Bob’s Burgers puts the sting back into horsemeat

There’s an old storytelling conceit that the best villains are those that don’t realize they’re villains, the ones who see themselves as the heroes of their own stories. Hugo is the clearest example of that principle on Bob’s Burgers. He’s convinced the grand story of this world is his doomed romance with Linda, and Bob is just the disgusting jerk who stole her away from him. Worse than that, Bob has the audacity to torment Hugo with his flagrant disregard for the most basic tenets of restaurant hygiene, making Bob’s entire existence an ongoing affront to all Hugo cares about. The narrative logic is there for Hugo to be the show’s best villain, so why is he… well, saying he’s the worst feels strong, but he’s always been more just annoying than ever particularly compelling.

Perhaps the explanation is that Hugo …

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