TV Club: Bob’s Burgers puts its hero in a seriously annoying jam, still gets a good episode out of it

Give Bob’s Burgers credit for this: We’re seven seasons in, and the Belchers are still poor. In the world of animated comedy, consistently keeping a family teetering on the financial brink isn’t easy. Look at The Simpsons, which started out with the titular family as similarly strapped for cash but soon enough reached a point where Homer would happily take a thousand dollars out of his wallet if a joke demanded it—by that show’s seventh season, he’s doing that multiple times in (great) episodes like “The Day The Violence Died.” Now, you could quite reasonably say that Bob’s Burgers isn’t as much a spiritual successor to The Simpsons as it is King Of The Hill, which was similarly able to remain roughly the same level of grounded across more than a dozen seasons, but here’s the thing: Hank’s job selling …

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