TV Club: Bob’s Burgers pulls off the impossible: A Gene Belcher love story

Well, that was damn near a perfect episode. Bob’s Burgers has always had a knack for its holiday episodes, which is about the only positive way I can spin the fact that, thanks to the vagaries of Fox’s scheduling, four of the last five episodes have been Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and now Valentine’s Day stories. What’s remarkable about tonight’s entry is that it takes Gene, one of the show’s trickiest characters to position in a lead role, and it places him in a love story, which sure would seem to be the toughest kind of story to insert Gene into. More than that, “The Gene And Courtney Show” manages to reverse season three’s “The Unbearable Like-Likeness Of Gene”—which is probably the best Gene-centric episode that doesn’t feature a talking toilet (and a dastardly Neil Flynn!), but that earlier episode is hardly …

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