TV Club: Bob’s Burgers ponders three terrifyingly clean-shaven universes

“Sliding Bobs” manages to have the best of all possible worlds. On the one hand, it’s another of the show’s increasingly common crazy trilogy episodes, in which we see a common theme developed through each of the Belcher children’s uniquely fractured perspectives. This is an episode that gets in goofiest possible Robocop pastiche, a tragically hairy romance, and a deeply self-referential callback to the show’s very first episode. That’s more than enough material for a fantastic episode! But if you strip all those bits away, you’re left with a core story that is just the five Belchers sitting around the house, spending time together as a family. So many of the show’s best moments in the preceding five seasons have been built around just letting the Belchers bounce off of one another, and all the scenes in the apartment represent some of the …

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