TV Club: Bob’s Burgers: “Midday Run”

“Midday Run” is such a rollicking good time that it almost doesn’t matter how much of a mess it is. Building a story around Tina as a hall monitor gone rogue is all sorts of genius, and there are plenty of terrific laughs to be had from the lengths Tina goes to in her quest to find Zeke, but where the story falters somewhat is in figuring out just what the actual conflict is here. Is it simply the cat-and-mouse game with Zeke? No, because, as is often the case, we soon find that Zeke basically has his heart in the right place, even if he’s louder and brasher about it than is strictly necessary. So then, could it be Tina facing off against Regular-Sized Rudy, the hall minnow who will not countenance the slightest whiff of corruption, especially when it comes from his idol in rule-following? Again …

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