TV Club: Bob’s Burgers: “Lil’ Hard Dad”

It’s kind of impressive just how unusual it feels to see the Belchers split up along gender lines. I mean, I don’t even particular care about any deeper implications of that statement: It’s just that, for whatever reason, these are combinations of characters that the show has very rarely gone to. The most basic explanation for this is that the show has repeatedly positioned Gene as his mother’s son and Louise as her father’s daughter, with both children struggling to interact naturally with their less favored parent. And, when Gene or Louise does have concentrated interactions with Bob or Linda, respectively, that unusual dynamic tends to be the overriding focus of the episode. Think “Beefsquatch” or “Mother Daughter Laser Razor.” What sets this episode apart is that Gene legitimately wants to learn from his father in a way that he very rarely does, and Louise …

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