TV Club: Bob’s Burgers: “Late Afternoon In The Garden Of Bob And Louise”

Bob’s Burgers has such a finely balanced moral universe. As the patriarch of his unruly, ever distracted brood, Bob is constantly suffering, straining to keep his family just vaguely focused on the goal of running an even halfway successful restaurant. That’s the standard setup for most Bob’s Burgers episodes, and Bob’s essentially luckless, sad-sack demeanor can make it easy to forget that this is his goal, and really his goal alone, that we’re talking about. Because he insists on chasing his dream of being an urban restaurant entrepreneur, the family always finds itself short of money, always finds itself stuck together in the restaurant when there might conceivably be other lives out there worth living. That’s the bargain Bob made with his family before the show even began—the nature of that deal is part of what drives the plot way back in the …

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