TV Club: Bob’s Burgers: “Itty Bitty Ditty Committee”

Gene episodes remain the toughest nut for Bob’s Burgers to crack. We’ve discussed this before, in reviews for episodes like “Gene It On” and “Best Burger,” the latter of which was far more successful than the former in revealing what makes the Belcher boy tick. In that case, the episode really benefitted from connecting Gene’s struggles to pay attention with Bob’s efforts to win the burger competition. To really succeed in that story, Gene needed somebody that he actually care about letting down, and in that particular instance—this certainly isn’t always true—his father provided just that. (In another instance, a talking toilet also sufficed.) But without some kind of external goal to drive him forward, Gene is trickier to write for. That’s because he’s essentially the human boy version of Futurama‘s Hedonismbot: There’s that old, Kurt Vonnegut-approved chestnut that …

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