TV Club: Bob’s Burgers: “Housetrap”

Looking at Bob’s Burgers through a critical lens is an interesting exercise, since it’s so reliably the show I watch when I just want to have fun. The twenty or so minutes I spend with the Belchers every week has become a steady source of entertainment. Even when the jokes don’t land, the family’s constant celebration of each other and their community’s weirdest impulses is always heartwarming. Basically, Bob’s Burgers is my comfort food. Taking it apart is fascinating, and also, a little painful. Luckily, “Housetrap” is a solid episode that manages to balance some more surreal material with grounded punchlines. This is especially noteworthy if only because it’s a destination episode that takes place entirely outside the restaurant, which has either made for some of the strongest episodes as well as the more uncontrollably zany ones.

It all starts when Teddy decides …

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