TV Club: Bob’s Burgers has some unfocused fun with Easter

“Eggs For Days” is one of the best examples of Bob’s Burgers as a hangout show. The family gets almost all the screen time here, with only a guest spot from Teddy—the honorary sixth Belcher at this point, let’s be honest—and a fun pop-in by Mr. Fischoeder to vary things up. The action never leaves the apartment and the restaurant, with only Teddy’s final run to the ocean and Linda’s wonderfully bizarre account of her experience buying the jellybean schnapps to remind us a world exists outside the Belchers’ home. And, true to the idea that this is just the audience hanging out with the Belchers for a half-hour, there’s not really a fully-formed story to speak of here. Rather, Bob’s Burgers picks an overall topic in Easter and moves between a few different, loosely connected ideas. The result is a fun …

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