TV Club: Bob’s Burgers finds the hilarity in chaos

Sometimes, Bob’s Burgers just likes to unleash the chaos. Many of tonight’s best bits have that looser, more improvisational quality that signifies when the voice actors—and, later, the editors putting all the tracks together and getting just the right timing—are at the absolute top of their game. Larry Murphy and H. Jon Benjamin have a long history of veering wildly off-script and ad-libbing entire minutes of extra material. That fact has been confirmed on a DVD commentary, but it’s not too hard to spot, as when Teddy threatens Bob into silence over this golf ball scheme, Teddy convinces Bob to come on the big score but is shocked he doesn’t want to go underwater, Teddy explains all the extra stuff he’s wearing that he forgot to tell Bob to bring, and Teddy finds himself incapable of going under the water. There’s a …

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