TV Club: Bob’s Burgers: “Eat, Spray, Linda”

The showrunners behind Bob’s Burgers have often emphasized that no matter what, the family loves each other, and the jokes come second; as the show’s matured, that essential sincerity (liberally peppered with sharpness, of course) has become one of its selling points. Not that it means things go well for them: in fact, it’s so often the opposite that given their track record, you’d think the Belchers would just avoid having special days any more. But you can always count on the Belchers to make their own fun as often as they make their own disasters.

And here we have both! Turns out not even Linda can keep birthdays at bay, and is being forced to suffer through her fortieth. The only question, then, is whether she’s in for a pop-referential adventure or a character piece. And while this is a busy episode, “Eat, Spray …

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