TV Club: Bob’s Burgers: “Adventures In Chinchilla-Sitting”

When breaking down what works and what doesn’t about a comedy episode, it’s generally easier to focus on the storytelling and the structure than it is on the jokes, because there’s no real getting away from the old saw that the question of whether gags are funny or not represents the most subjective part of the viewing experience. By comparison, it’s much easier to delineate just how Bob’s Burgers goes about telling its chosen story; even if we disagree about how well those particular decisions work, there’s more there of substance to kick around than the binary of “funny or not funny.” The thing though is that it’s not so easy to divide an episode’s storytelling from its joke-telling, and the success or failure of one can so profoundly affect our perception of the other. “Adventures In Chinchilla-Sitting” is an episode whose …

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