TV Club: Bob follows his passions on a Bob’s Burgers double feature

Few things are as reliably funny on Bob’s Burgers as Bob caring deeply about something stupid. And yeah, that’s pretty much everything Bob has ever cared about—if you don’t want to count the restaurant as stupid, that’s nice of you, but guessing his kids would disagree with that assessment. Tonight’s pair of episodes show Bob getting far more invested than his normal, worn-down self would allow, and what’s fun about this accidental pairing is that each episode takes a completely different path to the same basic destination. In the opening “Zero LARP Thirty,” Bob thinks the time spent at Downton Abbey—sorry, sorry, the Winthorpe House—is, if not stupid, exactly, then something to be endured for the sake of Linda. It’s only when Bob encounters his one weakness, which several past episodes have consistently established as “literally any drug or alcoholic beverage …

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