TV Club: BMO learns that growing up is confusing on a poignant Adventure Time

As Adventure Time has evolved, it’s done remarkable work balancing childish visuals and plots with mature themes and metaphors, and “The More You Moe, The Moe You Know” is a strong example of this dynamic. BMO, a product created to bring enjoyment to children, grows up in this episode written and storyboarded by Tom Herpich and Steve Wolfhard, who ask serious questions about the nature of love and what it means to get older while taking BMO on a colorful, video-game inspired adventure. It’s an exceptional holiday two-parter, rich with philosophical musings, complex emotions, and visual splendor that keeps the episode from becoming too dour.

BMO’s maturation begins when Moe, BMO’s creator introduced back in “Be More,” shows up at Finn and Jake’s tree house with a new body and a special solo mission for BMO, sending him to the MO factory so that he …

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