TV Club: Blunt Talk: “The Queen Of Hearts”

The problem with tying the zero-impact family to Walter’s long-term ambition to save the planet is when he inevitably lets them down, he’s letting down the whole world. And after making such a fuss about personally doing the bumping of whichever guest ultimately gets bumped, when push comes to shove Walter delegates. There are other problems, too, like the periodic mental klaxons that go off throughout their scene. They smell because they rode their bamboo bicycles [to the newsroom]. They had to leave their house at 3 AM.” How is that an inspiring model of living? And who is the decadent Walter Blunt to flog their lifestyle? Jason Schwartzman’s patriarch Duncan bonds with Walter over a memorized line from The Red Shoes. “It’s one of my all-time favorite movies. Back when I was still able to watch movies.” It’s almost appropriate that when Duncan very …

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