TV Club: Blunt Talk: “I Seem To Be Running Out Of Dreams For Myself”

The hip thing or maybe just the smart thing is to affect concern about Seth MacFarlane executive producing Blunt Talk, but he’s given us a premise up there with “MTV cops”: Patrick Stewart in a comedy. The proof is in the pudding. In “I Seem To Be Running Out Of Dreams For Myself,” Stewart makes faces, dances while driving, nestles in a woman’s bosom, drunkenly shouts Shakespeare at a bunch of cops pointing their guns at him, and deeply rues both the world and his place in it, and that’s just in the first act. What unifies Stewart’s performance is the sense that Walter’s an old man who’s starting to lose it. He snaps at irritating questions and immediately feels sorry for not being able to control himself. At times he doesn’t seem to realize how out of touch he is, but at …

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