TV Club: Blunt Talk: “I Experience Shame And Anticipate Punishment”

I don’t know whether to salute Jonathan Ames or complain that “I Experience Shame And Anticipate Punishment” doesn’t really reach a climax. Probably the former, but the fact remains, the episode named for Harry’s erectile dysfunction just kind of goes limp at the end. After a failed attempt to report on an incoming hurricane from Galveston, Walter tries to green-screen it. But partway through his opening salvo, he breaks into “Singin’ In The Rain,” and we, well, I discovered what this show looks like when I’m not willing to follow Walter on one of his larks. For the first time I felt like Rosalie, who treats Walter kind of (that is, other than when she’s tweaking his nipples) like her senile father, speaking slowly, loudly, and clearly, humoring him within limits. I get it now. At a certain point, I just feel worried about Walter …

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