TV Club: Blunt Talk: “All My Relationships End In Pain”

A week later, Walter Blunt is still on the air, that cop’s testicles are fine or at least unruptured, and all the assault costs Walter is a suspended license, which suits him fine until he sees the tiny backseat in the car Harry bought, and weekly AA meetings. While he and Harry get a head-start on the 12-step path to personal growth, the rest of the Blunt Talk news team disperses into Friday evening to find some connection or fulfillment. The difference is they all put themselves out there to some degree or another. That is, they all make themselves vulnerable to the world. Walter blissfully bulldozes a 12-step program without even realizing he’s missing the point. His therapist wants him to get back in the dating pool, and the state of California wants him to see help for alcoholism. So he hijacks a sex addicts anonymous meeting …

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