TV Club: Blunt Talk: “A Beaver That’s Lost Its Mind”

Jim gets the title quote this week, describing himself as a beaver that’s lost its mind. He’s locked himself in the office because of a shameful secret. At first it seems like he just needs time to sneak out a pair or two of heels that he keeps in the office. But the longer it goes, the more unlikely that is. You could just put them in a bag and nobody would be the wiser. Does he have too many? Whole outfits? When we open the door, is Jim going to be in drag? Nah, we’re being manipulated by the magicians behind Blunt Talk. The mere suggestion regarding Jim’s personal life last week is a distraction. You’re supposed to keep your eyes on his reaction to the missing mugs. It turns out Jim’s a hoarder.

Now, hold on. I know it seems like every …

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