TV Club: Blue is the hungriest color on The Expanse

In the cold open of the first episode of The Expanse, we learned one important thing: there was a glowing blue substance that was killing people. In the final scene of the final episode of that same season, we learn a little more. The blue stuff, whether it started as a bioweapon or else just something the scientists discovered and decided to exploit, is alive. Eros Station has been turned into a giant petri dish, and the blue stuff is taking advantage of the space and the food source (shudder) to become something new. We see it mimicking Kenzo’s shape, before snatching him up into the rafters to be, presumably, devoured alive. (Or absorbed alive. There are options).

This is a terrific closing visual for a season that hasn’t lacked for neat things to look at. The question is, is it enough to justify the time it took …

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