TV Club: Bloodline: “Part 7”

Bloodline‘s seaside setting, mystery elements, and slow pacing make show feel tonally and thematically similar to Showtime’s The Affair. In its first season, The Affair more directly tackled the ideas of perception and memory as it told two sides of the same story, the details changing depending on who was remembering them. Bloodline doesn’t employ the same narrative form, but in some ways, this series even more deftly confronts ideas about memory, the past, and perspective. When John isn’t frankly over-explaining what’s going on in his voiceovers, Bloodline communicates these themes with subtle character-based developments.

When Danny first arrived home, everything about his family’s physicality and dialogue around him made it seem like Danny was the one who had hurt them all. Over time, it has slowly become clear that it was really all the Rayburns who hurt Danny years ago. “Never saw someone …

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