TV Club: Bloodline: “Part 6”

Bloodline‘s sluggish pace has been its most divisive quality, with viewers expecting more of a thriller with some family drama versus a family drama with some thrills feeling especially bored by just how little happens in most episodes. It’s a tough show to binge, made even tougher by the fact that the scripts are always humorless. But Bloodline has crafted gritty and piercing drama that doesn’t rely fully on over-the-top twists to get the job done. “Part 6” features a coke-induced party montage, a ghost, and a deadly dream, but its most effective—and charged—moments are its quieter, reality-based ones.

Whereas “Part 5” meanders and could have cut a lot of excess or at least distilled its major points into sharper, leaner pieces, “Part 6” is much more committed to making every minute (and there are a lot here—57, to be precise) count. The episode …

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