TV Club: Bloodline: “Part 5”

Ever since he collapsed, Robert Rayburn’s death has been iminent. Otherwise, all this conflict over estates and wills and how Danny factors into any of it doesn’t carry any narrative significance. His quiet death at the beginning of “Part 5” places new potency on the tensions first incited by Danny’s arrival in the Keys, and that urgency is felt during parts of the episode but gets buried under excess exposition at others.

Danny’s return set into motion a critical shift for the Rayburn family as they all tried, in their own ways, to reconcile not only their personal relationships with their wayward brother but also grappled with the past he represents for them. Similarly, Robert’s death throws the Rayburns into emotional turmoil that seeps into all parts of their lives. Kevin seizes the moment to embrace his separation from Belle, only to eventually return to …

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