TV Club: Bloodline: “Part 4”

As wonderful as Kyle Chandler’s voice is, John’s voiceovers have been the most unnecessary aspect of Bloodline. Almost everything he has said so far is either too vague to mean anything at all or too obvious to need to be said in the first place. Bloodline doles out information in small, staggered pieces, and the voiceovers undercut that restraint. “Part 4,” however, cuts the excess explanations. There are no voiceovers. There are no jumps to the future at all. Instead, the episode drifts in an out of Robert’s mind as he’s haunted by memories of Sarah Rayburn.

“Part 4” meanders, not aimlessly: The episode answers questions about Sarah, opens up new trajectories for Meg, who’s presented a job offer in New York, and Kevin, who wants to make an offer to buy the boatyard to keep it from going to a bunch of yuppie developers …

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