TV Club: Bloodline: “Part 3”

Ever since Danny Rayburn returned to the Keys, mostly unspoken tension has vibrated between the rest of his family, sometimes bursting into brief blasts of rage, as seen in the many altercations in “Part 2.” When the siblings do talk explicitly about their feelings on Danny, it’s usually in broad strokes. He’s a screwup. He always leaves. He can’t be trusted. In keeping the Rayburn friction largely cryptic for now, Bloodline can tease out the details over time, creating a .

In some ways, the suspense of the past is even more captivating than the more obvious suspense of the future. The flashforwards rely on grand devices to build excitement, like John’s ominous and vague voiceovers and an overtly symbolic storm. There’s a body in a trunk, an untraceable gun, and a boat explosion. It’s all very typical thriller fodder, a high-stakes game of Clue …

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